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The art in this book is perfect for young children. The message and lessons in this story are valuable for a lifetime; kindness, manners, sharing, confidence, self-esteem...a great tool for parents.

I love the quality of the stuffed animal of this packaging and the doggy  ~ Julianne~

Love this product! The book is so well written and illustrated! The fact that it includes a Maggie brings the book to life for little learners. Maggie is small enough to travel and looks machine washable in case Maggie needs a bath!      ~Jamie~

We got this as a gift for our twin girls (on the way)! We are so excited to begin reading this to them. With all the stories of bullying happening these days, this book reminds kids that they are perfect the way they are! It’s also a fantastic way to bring families together to share about their days and encourage positive behavior! Couldn’t ask for a better first book (gift set) for our girls! I have a feeling Maggie will be going everywhere with us!     ~ Alie~

Love this book. It’s a birthday present so my daughter hasn’t seen it yet but I know she will love it too. Plus her name is Maggie! Highly recommend!    ~Rebecca~

Love this book. Got it for a gift as our Grandchildren are too old. However it brought back memories that we did the same thing every night over 35 years ago. So refreshing to see this. Goes to point out some things dont change😉

This is a great book and story for children of all ages...with the perfect little puppy to go with the story...this makes it fun for the younger kids to stay engaged and learning with Maggie. This is a story that can read for years and years... 

I love this book! The characters are amazing and so cute which is what attracted me to the book and gift set. I think the message about self-esteem is needed no matter how confident a child may seem. Both my nephews loved the book. I couldn't wait 'till Christmas...I gave them their Perfectly Maggie gifts at Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to on-going stories with Maggie and her lessons.  ~G Ochoa~

Enjoyed reading this story to my 5 and 3 year old children and interacting with them. A positive message that we like to encourage at home.  ~sidelineking~

I bought this for one of my nephews (6 yrs old) and he absolutely LOVES Maggie!!! The story along with the plush Maggie make bedtime much easier when he stays at my house for visits. I'll be going to get another one for my other niece who is 3, for Christmas. I like to get the kids at least one book for Christmas, since "Santa" brings them so many toys. Thank-you for writing such a wonderful story, Meg Maguire!!!  ~M.Flanagan~

We thought the book was great. I ordered the first one for our 3 year old granddaughter for Christmas! Can't wait to read it to her. Then got a 2nd book, my daughter-in-law wanted to give it to school. She also loved it. Perfectly Maggie is great for children's esteem!  ~terry.bellora~

This is a lovely story about a puppy named Maggie who has low self-esteem. She finds that she is perfect in her own way, just as others are perfect in their own ways. Maggie shares her daily good deed with her parents each night. The book suggests that parents reading this book to their children bond with them by each sharing their own good deed every night. I liked this book because it is a very positive story with delightful illustrations that every child will enjoy.  ~Mary O'Hanlon~

My boys (4 and 6 years old) love this book and the cute plush Maggie and the booklet that comes with it (and so does my two year old niece). The story is one that every child can identify with in some way, and at school pick up now I ask the boys how they were "helpful, kind, or polite" today. The illustrations are beautiful, vibrant and really capture their attention. If every parent and child read books like this an executed the Puppy Pact, the world would be a better place. ~Nicole Allen~

Terrific book! Bought one for my neighbors twins and they love it! A perfect gift.  ~Rick~

My 18 month old daughter loves looking at the art and holding Maggie as the story is read. We have incorporated the positive reinforcement message into our daily routine. The pop-up book is one of her favorite parts, but as with most pop-up books, we don't let her get her hands on it until she is a bit older.  ~Peter Wocken~

Disclaimer: I work on KindMore Kennel product line

Such a fun book! Something everyone should get. The story is great with loving and inviting illustrations. It is the perfect book that all will enjoy! It is a must buy. Can't wait to see what else these two have in store.  ~Justin Y~