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Exp Beamer


Bright-eyed and focused, Beamer is a bit more reserved than the rest of the puppies of Kind More Kennel. Beamer is a sincere and genuine friend. She always tries to do her very best.

Exp Bogart


Self-assured and laid back, Bogart doesn't sweat the small stuff. He is always up for fun but he responds in a second if one of the pups needs his help.

Exp Cricket


Jumpy and fast as a flash, Cricket is quick to react (sometimes without thinking). But, her "can-do" attitude makes her a lovable pal.

Exp Fleetwood


Assured, deliberate and unflappable, describes Fleetwood. He is the essence of cool. Despite his bravado, he is very protective of his puppy pals. 

Exp Rocky


Don't let Rocky's tough exterior and stubborn streak fool you. He is a hard worker who can also be flirtatious and charming. If you need a job done, Rocky can do it. But, he will want to do the task his way!

Exp Mugsie


Mugsy is sweet, well-intentioned and endearingly gullible. Her innocence frequently lands her in comical predicaments. She is cute and can be sassy and flirty. 

Exp Schemer


Brilliant and talented, Schemer always has a plan. This pup's gift of diplomacy often puts him in charge of an ingenious scheme. He is an accomplished musician and regularly entertains the other puppies.

Exp Noodle


Noodle's wiggly and fidgety behavior doesn't hinder her helpful heart. She is artistic and funny, with a delightful ability to laugh at herself.



Helpful, kind and polite, Maggie is the grand nurturer in Kind More Kennel. Maggie encourages the puppies to be true to themselves. Mags shows the pups that all their quirks can turn into perks when they are helpful, kind and polite! Mags knows she is not perfect in the conventional sense. But she is, Perfectly Maggie!