Article review in the  Sun and Surf  Magazine  Jan/Feb/March 2018.
"The Maguire's Launch Award-Winning Children's Book from Palm Coast" [ Read more ]

Daytona Beach News, Humane Society article on how pets help children with self-esteem.  Maguire discussed how her book promotes positive self-esteem in children through Maggie’s story and all the other dogs at Kind More Kennel. [ Read more...]

The kids did it:   A Great Reminder that “Quirks Can Be Perks” in “Perfectly Maggie” Bedtime Story.  [ Read more ]

If you’ve ever read my “About Me” on my blog Raising Boys with Books or noticed the description of this blog, you know that my goal is to teach my boys to be kind, caring, and courageous and to share with you the books we read to help me do just that. Perfectly Maggie is definitely one of those books.  [ Read more  ]

We all know that our world today needs a little more love. And my mission, and I'm sure yours as you are reading this is to bring as much into our children's life.  Let's start the ripple with ourselves and our children. The Happier Woman blog with Rachel Ibbison.   [ Read more ]

There’s a New Dog in Town…Perfectly Maggie “A Sleepytime Story” by Notworth Mommy blog. I never imagined there could ever be a stuffed dog that would capture my daughter’s heart like Sweetie Pie…until we met Maggie! [ Read More ]