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Perfectly Maggie A Sleepytime Story

Perfectly Maggie is a book and plush gift set that can help build healthy self-esteem through daily parent-child interaction. Every child will enjoy the 26 page story of Maggie and the lovable pups from KindMore Kennel. The book is written by Meg Maguire and beautifully drawn and illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Josie Yee. Meg's sincerest wish is that each family who reads Perfectly Maggie will create beautiful memories while building self-esteem and promoting kindness in their children.

This is E3 Publishing's first published book and first became available for sale November 1, 2017
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Promote Kindness, Share Special Moments, Create Beautiful Memories!

Meg Maguire, the award-winning author of Perfectly Maggie®, worked with a renowned Pediatrician/Child Psychiatrist from the University of Pennsylvania, to design the nightly sharing game scripted into the story. She wanted to fortify her children with healthy self-esteem at an early age, because experts agree that healthy self-esteem develops in early childhood.

"I hope you enjoy this children's book and night time routine as much as I did with my children"
                                                       ~Meg Maguire

Give Your Child the Gift of Positive Self-Esteem

Because parents and loved ones want to give their children the gift of positive self-esteem … there’s Perfectly Maggie®!

Maggie is anything but perfect in the conventional sense.  But, her imperfections are out-shined by her heart of gold.  Eight other pups join Maggie in Kind  More Kennel©, each with a unique personality.  Maggie inspires her pals to be true to themselves … that their individual “quirks can turn into perks!”  With her lively tail wagging, Maggie promotes kindness in Kind  More Kennel©, too.  She teaches the puppies to feel good about themselves by being helpful, kind, and polite.  Nine delightful pup personalities assure plenty of adventures to follow this outstanding introductory book!   Award-winning illustrator, Josie Yee, masterfully brings this 26-page storyboard book to life.  Josie also illustrated the bonus popup booklet to be used after the nightly sharing game.  With a wag of Maggie’s tail, this darling booklet helps parents applaud their child’s success.  Perfectly Maggie® with the adorable 7” plush and bonus pop-up booklet is sure to become a treasured bedtime classic. Promote Kindness, Share Special Moments, Create Beautiful Memories!  Because every child deserves healthy self-esteem and because children love puppies and possibilities … there’s Perfectly Maggie®!

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2017 Book of the Year Award
1. Award 2018 Book of the Year (1)

Perfectly Maggie is proud to have won the Creative Child magazine "Book of the Year" award in 2017, 2018 and again in 2019!

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Perfectly Maggie is also proud to have received the National Parenting Center "Seal of Approval" for 2018

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